Greetings Fellow Travelers

Welcome to the site where I detail my many journeys along the open road. During these travels, I have had the pleasure to meet many an interesting character and come across relics of the bygone years. I invite you to experience the characters I have met on the roads of our Great Nation through my eyes and my art on pages on this site.


My hot rod art career started with the introduction to Big Daddy Ed Roth, whom I met back in the early ’60s when he pinstriped my cousin’s, Jerry McKay, drag car. This hot rod art style stuck with me through the ’70s, where I created my art during class time and sold my drawings to fellow students. The hot rod art style continues today, as I travel the roads of America, seeking out new and interesting subject matter.

hudsons racer

I am also the Artist-in-Residence for the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association.

I, along with several other characters of notoriety, spend my downtime in a historic Coal Mining town, known around these parts as BoomTown, Iowa. One of these characters is my daughter, Amber Fitzsimmons. While she is a vagabond herself these days, she is also the manager and editor of the words on here that detail my travels.

If you find you have any questions or want to learn a bit more about any of my journeys or my pieces of art, feel free to drop a line. Thank you for stopping by, Fellow Traveler. See you along the open road.